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Where is the cake recipe? I did not find it here or on epicurious's site. 
ttylesmommy, what is your chocolate cheesecake recipe? 
Thanks. Jason, I 've never heard of dairy free cheesecakes. How does that work? I would love to play around with that. What would you use besides cream cheese? Yeah cheesecakes can be really tedious, but people don 't understand.
I live in Tennessee and buy everything wholesale from a restaurant supplier and local wholesale store available to the public. Depending on which cheesecake they order, I normally spend around 15-20. However, I am "guestimating" which I know will not be good in the long run. Is there a certain method/formula that bakers use in orderto calculate what they are spending on ingredients (i.e. how do you factor in tsp of vanilla extract, 1/2 c butter, 3 eggs, etc)? I want to be...
I have begun picking up business by selling my cheesecakes. I use fresh fruit ingredients and make everything from scratch. I want to know how do you price cheesecakes when you have a premium product, but some people believe it is too high. I charge $25 for 7inch, $40, for 9inch, and $50 for 10inch. Am I charging properly?How do you charge? Please help. Thanks.
Thank you all so much. So far my keylime cheesecakes cracked the worse. I tried the Delicious Desserts method and NO CRACKS!!! Thanks again all of you because I took something from each posting.
I bake cheesecakes. I do not overbeat the batter and I bake it at 300degrees and I have doen it at 325 degrees. I have done the water baths and I have left oven open for 30 minutes, but I still have huge cracks in the middle of my cake. What can I do to prevent this from happening?
Where would you suggest a person look to find those good recipes to prevent the cracking?
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