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Thank you so much for your help.  Your right i couldnt find this post!  had to re type 3 times! Not sure what happened!   Thanks. Lx  
Hi, can anyone help, ive been asked to make a tiered cake with vases inbetween the tiers, filled with fairy lights.  Ive never done this before and not sure if i use everyday glass vases or is there proper plastic/glass vases for this?   Thanks,
Hi.    Can anyone help...   I've been asked to make a tiered cake with ? glass vases with fairy lights inbetween the tiers,  ive never done this before and im not sure what to use.  Will it be basic glass vases?...   Thanks!   Lx
I uploaded a pic...... ! X
Thank you to everyone for your great advice!  For the cake i did, green, blue black pinstripes with marbled fondant balls around the bottom and a huge 18 on top!!  They loved it!  
I work with his mother and she hasnt got a clue what style/theme he would like!  So i think its just gonna be a round cake with some sort of design/pattern, cant find many male 18th birthday cakes when i search, to get inspiration!!  
Hi, can anybody help...  I've been given no brief from the customer, all she said was she wants a 18Th birthday cake for her son.  I am absolutely stuck for ideas, esp as i do more girlie cakes!!  Can anybody help/give me some inspiration?   Thanks   x
Thank you!  
Hi, can anyone help, what am i doing wrong when baking cupcakes, when they come out of the oven the cases start to peel away from them?   Thanks x
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