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hello everyone! im from Philippines. i accidentally plugged my kitchen aid stand mixer to the outlet without using the transformer. the technician said, the circuit board needs to be replaced. however, there is no available circuit board here in the Philippines. Could somebody help me find a circuit board for 110 volts? i really need my mixer back to work. help please... thanks so much!
wow! thanks!
hi everyone! may i know whats MFF? will anyone share the recipe? thanks a lot : )
ok. got it. thanks a lot
hello everyone! i once read a discussion about keeping the cake moist by spraying it with sugar syrup. but, i forgot the recipe and i cant find the thread anymore! will anyone pls share your recipe? do you add  vodka or other alcoholic beverages? if yes, how much? how many days can it keep the cake moist and fresh? how about the storage of the cake with syrup? thanks in advance for the recipe!
ok. thanks a lot! that's A LOT of information for me. thank you so much for being so generous irene. God bless u more
so, to thaw a frozen cake, im going to put the cake in a sealed container inside the fridge until it softens overnight? once a frozen cake is thawed, how will i store it? how will i tell my clients regarding the storage of the cake? once thawed, how many days will it last? thanks!    really? that's great! i have never imagined a 10-month-old cake that tastes like a freshly baked cake! is it only the freezer that preserved the cake? or do you add  preservatives to it? how...
    hello... how many days can a cake be kept this way?so, after brushing it with the syrup, im going to put it in an airtight container?  whats the best way to store a cake? thank you so much!
hi.... how many days can i keep it this way? thanks for the information.
hello! im a puzzled nurse and a cake decorator. puzzled because i dont know how to manage my home-based business and at the same time keep a balance between my family and work. i have a full time work as a nurse (luckily i work only during day hours) and im a mother of a 10-month-old baby (with a nanny). previously, i only accept a very limited cake orders per week when my husband is still employed abroad. however, now that my husband is jobless, i must take this...
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