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Sorry it took so long to get back..crazy week for me !!! But the flowers and designs I would like to do are on crafty Vintage Cake Decorating Techniques paris pink colors and how there creating the perfect rose and peony..I have ordered the cutters and the cake dummies ..just have anxiety on purchasing the
Ok i took a look at the color chart and now I guess my question is do I use colors like Dusty Rose for then"vintage look" is there one brand that you prefer over another...I'm so used to using "electric" colors that I forgot all about the others..
Thank you Jan
Simply put are AWESOME!! Thank you thank you thank you !!!
I live here in the states and I keep seeing these BEAUTIFUL..vintage inspired cakes with amazing color ..did I mention beautiful yet ... they remind me of my late grandmother . If anyone knows a good link or has a color chart of there own I would be very grateful .
Thank you.. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Under the Birthday Cakes is where I see all the comments questions, ect.. I have to say that all these cakes on here are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I am self taught and really just begun getting into this kind of art work I have a lot to learn still and i am looking forward to learning from everyone here !!!
My first day on here and a bit confused...had to delete all my photos and repost them. And it's showing comments that I think are related to other cakes maybe???....maybe
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