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My thoughts exactly. No one wants left over cake. Thanks for all the posts! Im open to all suggestions
Seeing as its the grooms cake It wouldn't be exact servings for everyone. I would imagine anyways right?
I'm making a grooms cake for an attendance of about 100-150 guests. What would you suggest the size cake pans I should use? It will be a 2 tier round cake.
I've done a lot of research on this and there are a lot of people making this type of cake but I still wanted to ask a few more questions. I've read you can put royal icing, buttercream and molding choc. on RCT before fondant but I'm more likely to use one of the first 2. Which would be better? If I used Royal would it adhere to the fondant? If I used BC would it make the RCT soft and cause it to sag?    It's a grooms cake for about 100-150 attending. About...
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