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Would it be better if on your display of a 3D cake, you add, price starts at________, would that not eliminate a lot of misconceptions? :lol:if someone on FB asks, my response to that would be, see display and pricing in shop, or give her a business number to contact you.
The boxed cake mixes have a funny taste that cannot be hid by other aromatics. If it is a weeding or someone paid you money then I think baking from scratch is worth the effort. I do not think the boxed mix is any cheaper, anyway.
I agree with you, a profit of ten dollars after 6 hrs of work translates to about a dollar and seventy cents per hour. Hmmmp ! Not worth it for sure.
Wow, that's really helpful, I'll remember this when I have to bake three hundred cupcakes again!
Thank you, I will certainly take note of these tips, I'd been to a community effort for charity work and I baked regular cupcakes and everyone went for the mini cupcakes instead. So I need to respond to people's choice.
Please help how to keep mini cupcakes from turning into " sailors tack"
Check out  Wilton's website, they have instructions and how to in almost everything. Good luck.
Here's mine twenty years ago, I can't remember what it was but I remembered it had buttercream filling.
I donot know anything about pricing any cake, but as I look at that picture,I know that will require a lot of flour, sugar, eggs etc. not to forget the time you put in to bake the cakes, and then washing the utensils afterwards, that alone I will charge $500.00!, huh!!!, oh I'm getting a headache, I'll DROP him
Oh yeah google gumpaste sunflower tutorial and you will be directed to several sites, or you Tube. Check it out
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