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I understand everyone's concern with this basic formula. However has not anyone ever thought that this formula only applies to your basic cake, cupcake, cookie,etc? One must have forgotten that you have to add fillings, other embellishments such as fruit etc, the handmade bouquet, or a fantasy flower, all of these adds up to your costs. When all of these are considered then do your math, and don't forget this applies to serving sizes. Of course you can add more if...
No, my basis for this calculation is serving size, since a cupcake is a serving size then if out of $8.00 you baked a dozen cupcakes then multiply by 3 then divide by 12. That will give you a price of $2/ cupcake. Other decorations depending on how intricate, size other embellishment s, kind of fillings etc. should be added separately to your cost. As you can see all of these adds up. Now figure out how much to charge for a cake with this formula. Good luck.
Like I told the other pricing issue this is what I know. Calculate all costs in baking this cake, ( keep receipts) triple it to cover your time and overhead costs ( electricity from using oven, water to wash dishes you used, etc.) I think that would be more than fair. Good luck:-)
This is what I know, whatever is your total expense in baking these cupcakes, triple it then divide by number of cupcakes, you baked that will give price for each one, by tripling the overall costs, this covers you're materials, time and efforts. You've done right by researching the other bakeries in your town for their prices and then adjust your price accordingly. That way you're not accused of undercutting the other bakeries.Also to save costs, make your decorations...
Hello there, I have done both and if refrigerated it stays a bit longer about a week, although it is still useable after a week it is more difficult to work with especially piping with small tips like tip 1 or 0, best to make flowers out of them and then you can keep them indefinitely. If left out use it within three days, you have to reheat each time. Some say you can use them far longer than that but it starts to taste funny. Good luck:-)
I'd been to several farmers market in several continents and this is what I see , all cupcakes were displayed in a closed wrapped around glass case. They look scrumptious and mouth watering display, there's a lot of people milling around, and you want to protect your product. I will not buy cupcakes that are not protected well.
Check your contract.
Would it be better if on your display of a 3D cake, you add, price starts at________, would that not eliminate a lot of misconceptions? :lol:if someone on FB asks, my response to that would be, see display and pricing in shop, or give her a business number to contact you.
The boxed cake mixes have a funny taste that cannot be hid by other aromatics. If it is a weeding or someone paid you money then I think baking from scratch is worth the effort. I do not think the boxed mix is any cheaper, anyway.
I agree with you, a profit of ten dollars after 6 hrs of work translates to about a dollar and seventy cents per hour. Hmmmp ! Not worth it for sure.
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