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I never had problems with fruit cake sinking in the middle, did you cook your cake with a bath of water to offset the long cooking time,what temperature did you set it at, did you use baking strips besides grease prof papers? I also add almond flour to the mix to keep cake from getting too dry.
I bought videos from them but never joined.However I think Craftsy Classes are better and when on sale is not expensive.
Hello Youngcakes, but that is wonderful, so young and already focused. I do not know how much experience you have in baking and decorating but if you are a real beginner, start easy like going to Wilton Classes usually offered thru Michaels or JoAnns , or you can try classes thru Craftsy in the Internet. Google it and you will see a large number of classes about baking, cake decorating etc. Check out cake Decorating classes offered by your local bakeries, see their add ...
Hi, Ronda's Cakes, are you able to use real fruits for toppings? Or maybe even use tarts then top with fresh fruits? Just a suggestion.
Enga thanks for the spelling I'm looking at the bottle now, I only used half of it last November, I think I should take a few shots for a nightcap. It's good with fresh raspberry jam .
ah ha! I knew it, I'm glad you took time to read my post, you see I know you're one of those that were p.od because I give horrible postings. To you all not to worry, my mistake, but be rest assured, I do not ever undercut any bakers, oh maybe I did, last November i was invited to a charity event and I baked three hundred choc cupcakes with raspberry / chamburg laced fillings and covered with ganache spent $500 for that event and all proceeds were given to that...
wow, you did very well, keep your pictures, continue practicing and then periodically compare pictures,you will see your skill developed.
try Joann's or Michaels to begin with, or check out Kraftsy, I love them. Good luck.
I'd been going to that shop in Smithsfield Mall, Smithsfield Qld. They have a variety of torte cakes, Struddels and they do Wedding Cakes, you, are right I have not seen any fondant covered cake, but what they had on display when I was there, was a three tier white chocolate covered cake. It was beautiful. And their prices are reasonable. A. Black Forest that is 16 inch is only 120Aus$, it may have gone up now I have not been back since March. Did you say there are...
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