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Ooo we get kandy melts in the uk. they have them at hobbycraft
Thats sounds like a plan!! Might try that :)
Whats that and can I buy it?
Good evening everyone. Is there anything I can use other than Royal Icing to stick the gingerbread house together? I haven't got the time to make the royal icing but I have the gingerbread house ready to stick together. It took longer than I thought to make and cool it. Many thanks :)
I want to make some ribbon to look like this but I'm not sure how to do it. Any ideas? thanks
I've just sat down to do this... My old cake tin takes 4 cups and my new one takes 3 so do I divide 3 by 4? This would mean 3/4 of my recipe. I also think my new cake pan will only do one layer rather than a thick cake that I cut in half so I need to do 4. Shall I just make 3 times my recipe?
Thats a really good plan.. Only problem is I'm leaving my house at 8am on the Saturday as we've got to be at the hotel by 10am so I don't have any time to do anything Saturday. I can prob bake and do the filling on wednesday as I bake in the morning and i can stick the filling in when I get home from work I guess.
Hello, I've got a cake to make for Saturday however, I've been put back on shifts at work and they've put me on the late shift. This means I only have a couple of hours to spare in the morning before I have to go to work. Now, this cake is a rather large cake and I've got to decorate it with fondant. I normally have problems with fondant to and I want Friday to do this. I have also managed to get a day shift on Friday because I have plans in the evening. How early can...
Thanks. I'll try this
Howdy Bakers,   I have a new heart shaped cake tin and I'm not sure what size cake recipe to use for it. Any ideas? The size of my tin is pictured below   Thanks  
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