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Irene- Thank you- what is a crumb coat and buttercream dam? sorry im new to this but appreciate all of the help! after i cover it in fondant can it stay out for a day while i decorate and ship?
i see that many of you put your cakes in the fridge! I cant beleive it! dont they end up getting super shiny??
what kind of wet strips can I use- do you mean regular towels?
Diane- I may be new to this but why the flower nail? Do you actually cook with it in? Do you use those in all of your cakes? Appreciate the help!
i was just asked to make a vanilla cake with blueberry filling. has anyone ever done this? anything I need to keep in mind when it comes to covering the cake in fondant or keeping it fresh while I decorate it? Thanks! Katie
thank you so much- this is really helpful and I will definitely try this!
So i see the charts for how much batter I should use for each pan size but how do I know how to make that much batter? Do i use the WASC recipe and double, triple and just use what I need to? HELP!
I have to deliver a two tier cake- how do I travel with this and make sure it ends up in one piece? I am new to this :)
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