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Hi I have been asked to make an 80th birthday cake. The lady wants luxury fruit cake. The design is a garden theme. I have designed the cake which is an 8" round fruit 4" deep. I have worked out my costs to make it on the cakeulator. To make 10% profit I should  charge £75 would you say this is too much or too little? Not sure what prices to charge for fruit. The cake will be covered in marzipan then green fondant, the cake drum also. On the top it will have 3 hand...
Thanks everyone, glad you like it xx
Here is the finished cake using RKT for the lid, it worked a treat! Thanks everyone x
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, I will certainly be upping my prices. Inside the yarn balls is cake mixed with vanilla buttercream and formed into balls, left to set then covered with fondant and then the fondant strings, they can be eaten too. Makes them quite heavy though, would maybe be better making them from RKT : )
Thank you so much for all your replies, you have been a big help : )
Wow! that seems alot, not sure if people would pay that much. Thank you very much for your help, at least now I know how to work out prices : )
Thanks for your help. I actually worked it out and for the cake ingredients, fondant, cake drum and box about £28. May have to up the price a little! Any suggestions?
Hi, I have just looked at your cake picture, its really really good, I love it1 I have just opened my cake business and  I have been following your thread as I have been debating whether or not to use RKT for the lid on my treasure chest cake. I have now done it and it has worked really well, I just hope it stays in shape on the cake!! If you would like to look at the pictures of the cakes and toppers I have made so far here is the link. ...
It took me a couple of hours to bake the cake and to make the buttercream to crumb coat and fill it. Then about another 11 hours to decorate with the fondant and make the balls of wool and buttons ect as it was my first attempt.  It was alot of work but well worth it.  
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