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For those of you who wanted to know how my summer went here it is… Short answer: GREAT! Longer answer: At the end of May right before school ended, I got in contact with the president of the local chamber of commerce. After several e-mails I was able to meet her and got some wonderful help and advice. I was able to work some with the chamber this summer and also provided cupcakes for one of their events in June. I met several great people and got a lot of advice plus...
Exactly what BatterUpCake and asyouwish said for pricing but, I think that those characters are copyrighted and so you'll want to look into that before reproducing them. hth
Try Elisa Strauss' White cake, you could be able to find it on Google or at your library (where I originally found it and have since gotten her book). I've tweaked slightly the recipe for my own use but it is usually the one I use and  should probably be a good start for you. It is very fluffy because of the egg white but try to use a higher quality vanilla extract because you can really tell the difference. Hope this helps!!
I want one too, I want one too!! Pretty Please??
1. Fudge Pecan 2. Lemon Meringue 3. Apple
Wow that looks extremely realistic! What did you end up using?
Hmmm...I'm thinking the wafer paper because the icing sheets might be a little too heavy for a marshmallow. I'd love to see what other people say.
If you need a lot of egg whites like in a white cake, I get a pint or quart of egg whites with nothing else in them (check the ingredient list) things like eggbeaters do not work in cakes.This is cheaper for me because while I use a lot of whites and whole eggs, I don't use a lot of yolks. It also is cheaper because there is less labor time since you just open the bottle instead of cracking a bunch of eggs. You can also freeze leftover egg whites without any problems. hth
I would definitely put the fondant on before leaving it's a lot easier to move them without fingerprints/smudges I don't think you'll need to freeze them. The fondant will also keep the cakes from drying out too much more so than just BV. You do have a big plus that it is pretty dry and so the fondant shouldn't have any humidity issues. Before you start out on the second day you might think about getting some more ice to be safe and keep it nice and cold. Another thing I...
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