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I make cakes for fun and I never charge. I'm making a three tier cake for a reception. My friend wanted a big fancy cake so its going to be larger than it needs to be, and she wanted vanilla cake with lemon filling and buttercream. Just yesterday a mutual friend asked about the flavor then turned his nose up and said "Oh, I don't really like lemon can't you do a berry filling instead and cover it with the fondant stuff you make"? and he was dead serious!      Oh sure....
It will work just fine. 
These are gorgeous. I'd have to take my baby off to save it and only eat he cake underneath! =)
You could make him a 007 cake, or, a big #1 and a #8 on a covered cake board and make each number a different flavor with a different filling sort of like this one:'s%20Personalised%2018th%20Birthday%20Cake.jpg
"2) add the powedered sugar full 2 pds and 3tbs dream whip  mix a a little."   Are you saying you dump in all of the powdered sugar and dream whip at once, mix it a little bit and then immediately start adding the milk?    I'm far from an expert but I always add my powdered sugar a few scoops at a time, mix some, add more, mix some, add more etc, until it's well incorporated and just a bit stiffer than I really want it. I do the sugar that way because depending...
It looks okay in Firefox but it took so long to load in Google Chrome that I gave up and closed the window. 
My vegetarian friend gave me this recipe to use on a cake for her once. She says it tastes the most like canned icing to her and it's her favorite. I think it tastes better than canned personally but you can try it if you like. You can use all Crisco if you want to and just use regular vanilla flavor instead of vanilla butter flavor to eliminate the buttercream like flavor and it will taste like canned. When I use all Crisco, I still add the 1.4 tsp of salt to cut the...
Does anyone know if they keep well if you vacuum seal the package once you've opened it?
I found it rather amusing actually.  Based on LB cakes profile I think we can all rest assured that we're talking to a capable adult. I'm sure they're quite able to make a tasteful decision about what cake will be presented to the client in question regardless of any humor that might be interjected here. 
I gave my cereal a quick run through the Cuisinart (leave cereal somewhat coarse but smaller pieces) and then decreased the marshmallows and butter by about 1/4. Then I did what perfectcakesbyshirley said. It worked great for a tombstone and a hand that I made back in October. 
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