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Could you please send me the link to please???????? Please :-)  
I never store my cupcakes in the fridge as that can cause them to dry out. If you are baking a few days in advance, i always put them straight into the freezer and wait to ice them on the day they will be picked up/eaten. Sometimes freezing buttercream can give it a funny after taste, i haven't experienced that first hand though.
Does anyone have a good vegan and gluten free chocolate cake recipe? The ones that i have tried so far turn out too dry. Or should i be taking them out sooner????   I seriously need some tips on gluten free and vegan baking on how to keep it nice and moist.   The vegan part is fine, i can bake good vegan cakes etc, it's just that the gluten free part makes it hard because there are no eggs in the mixture to keep it moist.   Please help me!
Does anyone here know how to make a vegan champagne flavoured buttercream???? Please help!
scp1127 - would you mind sending me the link too please????
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