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        I usually make my own MMF and combine it with some Satin Ice. I use a silicone mat to roll it out on and do not add cornstarch or powdered sugar.   I just can't seem to cover my cakes as nicely as I would like.  They are OK and customers haven't complained, but I know that they could be a lot better!  I feel that when I cover my butter cream frosted cakes that there are always air bubbles and sometimes my fondant wants to start sagging.  Also the finish of...
I have found that a combination of Wilton's ivory and copper make a really good flesh color.
I spread a clean sheet on my floor board.  My mother who catered for years always did this.
OMG  His letter is so FUNNY!!  I needed a good laugh today and he certainly gave me one.  IF you agree to do this.  I would definitely charge accordingly.  Personally I would tell him that because your name goes with anything you bake that you prefer to use your own recipes!!!  Good Luck!
If you "host" it, does that mean you have to totally set it up?  I am attaching a picture of the candy buffet that we had at my daughter's wedding last year.  Maybe that will give you some ideas.:)    
Try a Grocery Store that has a bakery.  I know that the Hy-Vee in my area will sell boxes etc.
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