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I will definitley check it out, thanks so much!
Thanks so much, I will definitely check it out!
Awesome Idea, thanks for the help!!!
So, my stepson is going to graduate this year from high school, and he has recently really got into DJ'ing. I would love to make a cake for him and his friends that looks like a DJ's turntable set up, but am having a hard time getting inspiration from the net. Has anyone ever created a cake like this? If so would you be willing to share your tips and tricks?   Thank you!!!!
With Gingerbread...a honey flavour would be good (made a gingerbread cheesecake with honey flavoured cookie cutouts on top last year...was a big hit)
Thanks for the information! I am in Ottawa, so I'll check out the local colleges and see what they offer! I just want to be clear that I use Wilton products, and I did learn a few things from the course, but I think the INSTRUCTION was not what it could have been! I don't want to offend any Wilton instuctors on this site, or anywhere for that matter!   Thanks again for all the information! I'll have to start looking into different college courses!
Thanks korean! I appreciate the feedback! I am really just getting into bigger projects, and have strictly been a home baker up until now! I don't have anything against Wilton, I think you are probably right, I just had the wrong instructor!
I have a question. I recently finished course 1 from the Wilton Decorating Courses, and I found it to be awful! I mean, ok, I learned what some of the tips do, and I learned how to make a rose, but I'm wondering if all Wilton Classes are terrible! There was very little to no guidance at al..and even if I was doing something wrong, which there were a few times that I did, all we got was encouragement! I just feel like I could have read the book and learned on my own more...
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