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Good to know, thank you!
I've painted on modeling choc before and its always a huge pain. My problem is the coloring/lemon juice mix I paint with seems to bead up on modeling choc. Unlike painting on fondant or gum paste it paints smooth and perfect. If anyone knows how to fix this problem it wouldbe great. I have an order to fill with sculptuted people that need painted and I really dont like making detailed object with fondant. Thanks a bunch!
everything is turning out wonderfully...thank you all sooo much for all the help!  
no i havent...its a giant tree...kinda like a maple..  
What is the best way to attach fondant...gum paste...and especially modeling choc. to a sculpted RKT shape???? Please Help?
These are both such great ideas, i would have never thought of the RKT thanks so much ill give em both a try!
awesome, thanks!  
and how in the world could you creater a mossy effect on rocks!????
OH! also i know how to sculpt the tree out of rice crispies and cover it, BUT... since dear season is fall and winter i wanted it with fall leaves. kinda just not sure how to make tiny leaves and attach them to the tree to look real! If anyone knows how to do this i seriously need help with that part! I may have to go back thru all the episodes of the cake boss to figure it out lol
thanks so much of was thinking of just using a really think buttercream to make it stand but since i only have a week and im starting now i dont wanna waste too much time with errors. This cake is going to be epic with a ton of details. I cant wait to get it all together. im carving out 1/2 sheet to make it look like a hollar with one giant tree made of crispies covered in modeling choc in the back right corner. this will have the tree stand and the guy with a bow. Then...
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