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Ok...I am very confused.  I want to purchase an edible imager.  When I check the models people recommend Canon, and all of them are regular scanner/printers.  So.... regular scanner/printers will accept edible ink cartridges?
I keep seeing " bubble tea straws" popping up on CC and on Craftsy classes. What are they? Where can they be purchaed? Are they cheaper then the white plastic tubes from,Michaels or JoAnn's?
I got a Duff air brush at Michael's Craft store and I really like it.
My cakes are nice and smooth, but I get fondant envy every time I see a Pink Cake Box cake.
I used so much red gel that it made the fondant sticky.  On Valentine's Day cakes I sprayed them, but that doesn't work if it is part of a a popcorn box cake....
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