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Has anyone tried these new presses???    I watched the video and it looks really easy....
I’m looking for a set of metal tools with multiple sizes (from extra small to extra large). Does anyone know who makes a set like that?
Hi, for silhouettes I found these cutters and they work great.....
Hi, the lace was made with CK's silicone mold called "latticed border". It will be beautiful on your wedding cake!!
Thank you milkmaid42...the video is helpful.
Hi, I've been asked to do a baby shower cake with the mother-to-be either sitting on the top tier or standing while pushing a stroller as the top piece. These are the pictures I was given to work from. Does anyone know of a mold or something I would use to get started?    
Hi, I just received a super green CK luster dust and the label reads "non-toxic, but not be consumed". I've always used this product on fondant in small amounts, but this is the first time I've seen "not to be consumed" on the label. Can anyone tell me why this is? Can I still use it on my cakes? Is there another brand of petal and luster dust that is edible?
WOW -- what brand of colors and do they have a store??
I made a Captain America shield for my son's 5th birthday back in April. I used Americolor Super Red and Royal Blue. I made buttercream icing and added a few drops. No one mentioned a funny or bad taste. I ate several pieces and YUM !! Honestly, I've never had any trouble with Americolor...
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