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Thank you SO much We used this cake as a bottom tier, it is DELICIOUS and sturdy enough to hold our other tiers without sagging! Love it!
Tabathaba....when you say "very thick buttercream" does that mean you are making the "dam" buttercream stiffer than the rest????
Is frosting underneath smooth? Too thick?
Thank you ladies. I am self taught and a newbie to cake decorating and although I love it and get many compliments I still have loads to learn. I appreciate your help!!!!
That is gross....thank you for heads up and idea...I have not tried wires yet, but was looking at Duff's wires the other day, I assume those are food safe? Do you cover those also?
I was just going to ask if it would help with getting 2 colors in the bag....awesome tip...thanks for sharing!
You can see it in my pic of the Harvest pumpkin cake (profile) the buldge in middle of cake.....a "dam" will prevent that?
THANK YOU!!!!! So just use wide tip and pipe it around edges of cake???? That is awesome. I will try that. THANK YOU!!!!
When you lay the fondant, be sure there are no air bubbles....if you see air bubbles, poke them with a pin and release air, continue smoothing.  GREAT idea with Ganache.....I would like to try that!!
Yes! You can....but you also need extra water. I used to do 1 box instant (the smaller box) instant pudding and 1 cup extra water...but cakes are flatter as they are heavier and do not rise as well so I have switched to 1/2 package and 1/2 c. water.
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