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I like the idea of the 2 tier cake with the 2 meeting up together.....and love the idea that tesso had.... some of the monnkeys who venture into the penguins habitat could be wearing hats, scarf and gloves and the penguins wearing shorts n sunglasses! anyhoo good luck! : )  
.....awwww awesome, thankyou so much. :)  
I would keep them, i always seem to need something ive just binned!!! You could also amend them and use them for something else, a cake pillar doesnt always have to be a cake pillar!! : )  
haha.....its a childrens book, and one of the characters from the book is a monster like hybrid that's half grizzly bear and half buffalo!!! : )  
Hey fellow cake makers!! I stumbled across this web site only about an hour ago when looking for some advice on how to make a gruffalo cake. I was soooo impressed by the talent of fellow cake makers that i signed up straight away!!! and i have to say Im loving it!!!! ......just have to get some of my own cakes uploaded and see what people say! : )   ......but i have a question for all you guys.....i have been asked to make a Grufffalo for a friend of mine, i want...
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