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No problem. You can view their photos by scrolling down and there should be thumbnails as the photo albums. That's one way for you to see their cake photos. (Yes, there is an issue with the photos not belonging to the user but we are fixing that at the moment.)
Are you looking to post pics within a post or you looking to upload photos to your photo gallery? If you can specify, I can give you precise instructions. 
  Please click on your username to access your profile. Scroll down on your profile to reveal your gallery albums. There is a bug right now that we are working to fix because it does not show your photos at the moment. Thanks for being patient!
Hi Sandy! I have actually answered this question right here:   I have included screenshots to show you how to do it. Enjoy!
        Hello, we have all your photos in a safe place. They are being transported into the new CakeCentral and we are aware of this issue where the photos you see are not yours. Please rest assured that we're working to correct this and restore all your lovely photos back to where they belong. We will update as soon as we know of any new information. Thanks for being patient!
  Hi there, we are working to restore the photos to correctly reflect yours and not someone else's. There's a thread about this issue in the technical support area:   You can try edit your view in FF by going: View -> Zoom -> Zoom out. Let me know if that worked for you.
  Hi Lisa, thanks for reporting that. We are currently loading all the CakeCentral information and there will be some lag in updating your profile. Please hang in there with us as we resolve this. I'll note down your profile username and check back to make sure your status is restored.
Hello all! If you are experiencing an issue, please find answers to your questions below:   Search issue:   Photo gallery issue or seeing photos that aren't yours:
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