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Can anybody help me to find the name of Crisco in Belgium or anything alternative to it.Which stores i can get it? Thank you.
Don't give up! Your cakes are very pretty. The fact that you only had 2 weeks to prepare probably made you stress even more. She should have been thankful for what she got...and she should have paid more for hardly any notice! Good luck and keep your head up
You're welcome! Make sure to post pics when you finish!
If I'm understanding your question... You could make a stencil of it (print it and cut with an exacto knife) and then paint it on the fondant with luster dust mixed with extract. That's what I did with the bucs image here:
...I used a flower nail while baking my cake...and it turned out awesome! I would have never known to do this before joining CC...thanks to everyone for your great tips!!!
I just saw Duff's "food spray" at Michael's today..I haven't tried it out but I'm betting that you could make a stencil and spray it onto your fondant. Has anyone used the food spray yet?Or, you could make a stencil and paint the logo directly onto the fondant with petal dust or luster dust (made into a liquid by adding lemon or almond extract). HTH
Blue Bonnet has always worked the best for me.
Too funny! I was thinking the same thing, although I'm learning a lot from it
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