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[quote="BakingIrene"]YES the kind that is cooked from sugar and water and glucose, and finely crystallized. Final composition 90% sugars and 10%^ water.The sugar crystals are very fine in this stock item found in many bakeries. This cooked fondant is packed in 50lb pails for commercial use. It is warmed and poured over buns, doughnuts, petits fours and eclairs.You can use powdered sugar, glucose and water: about 2.4 pounds powdered sugar, 0.3 pounds each glucose and...
Do I immediately add the shortening or wait a day and then whip it in?Any idea on how to make the hard rose?
what kind of fondant? how do I make it? I've seen recipes for pourable and those that you can knead.
[img][img]I have been trying to figure out this recipe forever! its a supermarket birthday cake made by dutch bakery in MA. The ingrediants are shortening, fondant (cane syrup, corn syrup), egg whites to stabalize it in the summer to stop the cake from melting (I emailed them and asked). It looks just like the image attahced. It is not buttercream and has no butter taste, it is not the frosting where you whip egg whites over a double broiler because it is not soft and...
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