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Thank you so much everybody! bellsnbows: Your cakes look great! It's nice to see another person in the Memphis area on here - I'm actually in N. MS too!JanH: You are too much! I can't wait until I can say ""I knew her when she was JanH on CC."!!
Thanks, guys! I am serious about this forum and all of you, too - I would never be where I am without everything I've learned here. This is the best cake resource I've ever found!
Hey guys, I know I haven't been around much lately, but I just had to share with my cake friends! I was featured on the cover of the business section of the local paper yesterday! You can read the article here: have already had a pretty good response from the article, and I was excited about it - I wanted to share with people who would understand my excitement!Thanks for...
I am vegan, and have personally contacted Satin Ice, Pettinice and Choco Pan, and have been assured that none of these brands contain any animal products or derivatives. It's usually only homemade fondant (mmf) that contains gelatin.I can not guarantee that these fondant brands are raw, however. As for the cake, you might want to try a site like for recipes.I hope this is helpful!
Satin Ice has and ordering guideline on their site: hope that's helpful!
I know it's too late now - but I use rosewater in my IMBC - it takes about 6 TBS for a large batch IMBC to get the right flavor. I may have to check out the rose extract ibmoser mentioned.Good luck with your tasting!
Oh yeah... and I'm sorry to hear (read?) about your bow loop mishap... but if it makes to feel any better that sounds EXACTLY like something I would have done. Plus, you gave everyone a good laugh, too Besides, I like the flower better anyway
EmilyGrace - thank you for describing how you made the flower! I will DEFINITELY be hanging on to those instructions, because I LOVE it. For real... (can you tell I'm very in love with your flower? lol)
Omgosh - I LOVE it! How did you make the flower (similar to a bow, but with your cool petals instead I'm guessing)?It looks awesome!
Not sure if any of mine are like what you're looking for, but you're more than welcome to use any of them if deemed worthy!
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