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Thanks for the info! I'm going to be starting on it tonight so I think I'll watch the videos during my lunch break today :) 
Hi all,I'm going to be making rose and pistachio flavoured cupcakes soon and rose flavouring is something I've never worked with before. I've heard that you need to put just the right amount in or it will be too overpowering. Does anybody have a tried and tested recipe for rose cupcakes (batch of 12 ideally) that I can adapt? Also, I always use Star Key White extracts for my flavourings because I've always had great results for them, but they do a rose water and a rose...
I definitely recommend the plastic cup method, I find it much more sturdy than toothpicks, especially when you have nice moist cakes.
Hi all,I've been baking cupcakes for a few years now, but this week I'm going to be delving into the world of tiered cakes for the first time! It's going to be for my sister's birthday, nothing too ambitious, just two tiers covered and decorated with fondant. I was just wondering if anybody had any tips for my first attempt? Even the most obvious tips will help as I really have absolutely no knowledge on it! It won't be the end of the world if it goes horribly wrong as...
I normally use a chocolate coating when making cake pops, but I want to get it as white as possible and I don't think I could achieve that with chocolate.
Great, I'll definitely give that a go. Thanks!
Does anybody know if there's anywhere in the UK I can order some liquid fondant from?I'm making panda cake pops and I figured the best way to get a good white coating would be to use fondant but covering a cake pop with rolled fondant seems like it'd be far too fiddly to do well?Or if anybody has any other suggestions that'd be great!
Thanks for the replies, I'm definitely going to look into getting some gumpaste to see if it improves my flower making. I might try making my own when I have a bit of spare time too
Hi all,I currently use fondant mixed with some tylose powder to make my flowers and it works well enough. But it does become to brittle for the more delicate flowers.Can anybody tell me what the difference with flower paste/ gum paste is? It's pretty expensive in comparison so I don't want to fork over the money if it's essentially the same as what I use now. Thanks in advance Michelle
I want to bake the image of a cherry inside a cupcake. I cut out the cherry shapes out of sponge cake and froze them, then tried to bake them inside the cupcake (I put a couple spoons of batter in the bottom, placed the cherry shapes and the put another spoonful on top). But when the cupcakes baked, the inside pieces just rose to the top.Is there a way I can stop it doing this and keeping it in the centre?Thanks
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