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no prob  gud luck with it!!
thanks for clearing that up it could of been messy
i always use vodka but must try the lemon juice didnt know you could use that and im always tempted by the vodka haha! well just a little tip do it a little at a time you can always add more to it to get darker effect and if you do overdo it  dab it with a little vodka and should come off or at least get a lighter shade again! i did a foootball jersey cake and got black on the lovely baby blue and the vodka trick worked great! hope this helps xx
hi for the white part why not try cutting white fondant in different size circles and using the ball tool as if you were to make roses just around the edge to make a thin crinkly effect then stick them overlapping! this would be fast enough to do once you got the hang on it! if you do not have a ball tool you can put them between two pieces of plastic and use your finger to create the shape...prob take a bit longer but same effect!  wow  that flower is georgous and i...
the easiest way i found was to use a small scissors and clip the fondant... is a great tutorial :)   also used this to do a crocodile skin effect if anyone ever needed to do that! hope this helps
aww thanks ladies...   just uploaded some pics of the cakes iv been doing for my class,family and friends. I started doing clases about 7/8 weeks ago..before that i could just about make cupcakes haha its all trial and error i supose and with the help on here i hope someday to be quite good as there is amazing talent on here xx
hi everyone i regestered on here few wks ago but havent had to chance to post just poping on now and again to get hints and ideas:)  i must say this is a great site so really looking foward to get chatting with every one xxx
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