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That is excellent news, such a great cause!
I find a trick that works for me for the fondant cut outs (as I've had the exact same 'stretching' issues) is to cut the fondant out on baking paper (you might call it "wax paper"??) then apply a small amount of water to the cut out, then pick up the whole piece of paper, cut out attached, apply it to the cake, then peel off the baking paper.  Obviously you need to keep in mind that the back of the cut out becomes the front, if that makes sense.
Are you making the fondant yourself? If so I find that adding (melted) coloured candy melts to the melted marshmallows can help - I've used it myself for red and black MMF and it worked a treat.  I still add some food colouring as well but need nowhere near as much.  For the black I found chocolate melts worked well enough with some black food colouring to give a nice deep black.   HTH!
Just an update for anyone else who encounters this - paramount crystals worked a treat.  I just kept adding more (while heating) and watched my melts magically transform from a pasty mess to a runny dream!   
Thanks for your replies. I should have mentioned that I'd already tried adding some vegetable oil to no avail. Possibly they are an older batch (tho still within the use by date). I've just ordered some paramount crystals as suggested as my last hope. Otherwise I'll have to resort to the other suggestion of using white melts coloured and throw all the red ones I bought! Thanks again
I bought some Wilton candy melts and had no luck trying to melt them using both a microwave and double boiler, so I tried some Merkens instead and I'm having the same problem, it's driving me crazy! All I end up with is a kind of paste. I want to use it for cake pops or choc dipped Oreos but its impossible with the paste like consistency. I've done some research and it seems like its a common problem, and I see many suggestions about adding shortening. My problem is that...
Is it possible you didn't add enough icing sugar?  When I first made MMF I threw the whole batch out because it was a sticky mess, but next time I tried again and just kept adding more and more icing sugar until eventually it stops sticking (but is still pretty soft).  At this point I wrap it and leave for a couple of days and it comes out perfect.   I don't even measure out my icing sugar anymore I just keep adding more and more until it loses its stickyness and...
Thank you both you've given me some great ideas to think about.  And that site has prompted me to look for a similar site here in Oz.   Thanks again!  
Hi All,   I'm thinking about baking some sugar cookies for a friends 5 year old whose birthday is coming up and since I'm relatively new to it I was just going to start with some simple letter cookies spelling out her name decorated in white and pink royal icing.   I'm racking my brains however trying to think of a nice way to package the cookies so that they are displayed nicely spelling out her entire name (ie flat alongside each other).  Any thoughts?  I have...
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