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Oh thank you so much, that video and your advice is awesome..yay, now I know what I'm doing
I don't have fondant, I need to make a 3 tiered cake tonight, so, how do I do it? Before, I have tried to frost the cake ahead of time and stack them, but that was a mess because I had to hold the sides of the cake. The next time, I tried to stack the cake and then frost the tiers, but, it took me forever to make it look nice because I would scratch or hit the top or sides of the other frosted, I was continuously re-frosting and re-frosting.Is there any way...
Yes, that helps, I am making a 3 tiered cakeThanks...the strw advice is great, I have plenty of those
Do I HAVE to use dowel rods to make a 3 layered cake? It's not going to be a huge cake, each layer will be about 2-3 inches deep. I ask, because I don't have dowel rods and I don't have the $$ to go out and get them...nevermind, dragging my 2 babies out with me.
I just love this forum so much! There is so much information and idea's...I just love it. I had been searching youtube and the internet for all of my questions, but this forum is soooo much better.
On the cake boss, that happened, and they just put buttercream in the split, it was like worked.
Did you ever watch the youtube video's on how to make it? That's how I learned. The key is to add a little powdered sugar at a time and it will be super soft, until enough is added (I'm sure you know that). This video is the best by far, because it tells you everything you could possibly need to know about making marshmallow fondant., when I have to add water, I just keep putting a very thin layer of powdered sugar on the...
I just made almost the same exact thing last night. I used the pre-made gumpaste and marshmallow fondant to make roses. I was making the marshmallow fondant, and I used the rest of a previouslly opened bag of powdered sugar, as I was mixing the fondant, when it was hardening up, I noticed a bunch of tiny white hard pebbles all thoughout it. I figured out that, that in particular bag of sugar, the powdered sugar was (for some strange reason) full of hard sugar...
Walmart won't do this, but my local grocery store here in Vegas sells the icing from the bakery. A cake decorator told me about it. I just ask ahead of time, if the bakery will sell the icing by itself, and some will, some won't. I got 2 lbs of frosting for $5. So, it's worth a try, and saves a ton of time.
I use Dunken Hines Moist cake mix for every cake I make and everyone compliments how moist the cake is, I have put fondant on it too, and it held up..
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