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Can you write instructions on doing the conversion to SVG?? THANK YOU
Hi there are you aware of any great tutorials for both SCAL2 or Cricut??
Cricut Cake is THE SAME as Cricut but has FDA approved parts & there arent the same rollers on Expression so you do not get roller marks. SCAL2 is Sure Cuts A Lot. a Program that used to me manufactured that was compatible with CRICUT / CAKE. They made them change it ( you dont EVER need to buy another cartridge if you do not want to). If you want an older version that works with CRICUT / CAKE let me know and I can refer you ! THEY ARE AMAZING
SCAL2 (sure Cuts a lot) is a software program you can use with your Cricut. IT IS AWESOME !!! If you are having problems wit your Cricut I would contact them directly ! If you are interested in purchasing the SCAL2 that is no longer compatible with the current CRICUT, let me know. I can get you a copy that will work. Good Luck !
Thanks so much !! I only wish it was a Detective Badge I appreciate the support
I found a web site that sells the software that is DISCONTINUED & it works with my CRICUT CAKE !!!
Hi. Cake is the Cricut with sealed up parts that have been FDA approved.. SCAL2 is Sure Cuts A Lot which is an amazing program to use with either !! It is currently DISCONTINUED because you do NOT need to buy their cartridges !!! AWE$OME If you are interested in getting it, let me know.. I found a great site that is cheap & set s it up for you !!! AMAZING customer service
Does anyone know where I can find a SVG file for a NYPD Badge file? Know how to change a photo or image of badge into a SVG file?
Hi. I was wondering if you have any helpful advice or have any links for the use of Cricut & SCAL2. I find both very intimidating I am hoping to make a NYPD detective badge cake & am clueless how to use both or either. ANY advice, links or help would be greatly appreciated !!!! Christine
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