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Thank you so much for your speedy reply x Will defo try this x imight just be sanding sugar it looks like sugar now I think about it. Does that just sit on top of the fondant or how do you apply it >
Yes I use that too...but have seen cakes with sparkle inside the fondant not brushed over the surface.
Relatively new to the cake decorating, was wondering if anyone can tell me how to add sparkle to fondant safely. I have seen cakes covered in fondant that appear to have a glitter effect. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Many thanks
Could anyone please give me the amount of cake mix required for this tin, the instructions onlyu give packet mix and I bake from scratch. As the tin dosen't appear very deep would it need 2 layers Many thanks
Could be over whipping???? I am only just starting out too. Have you tried a ganache instead of buttercream
I am by no means an far as I know you cannot put fondant in a fridge as it sweats and becomes tacky. And unfortunately I cant think of an alternative...Good luck!!
Many thanks new to this site and still learning how it works!
I have just bought a wilton giant cupcake pan, and was wondering how to make a chocolate shell for the cake to sit in....I have watched a video on how this works with a silicone mold, but not sure with the pan, also what type of chocolate should be used, many thanks
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