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I just found an Australian cake supplier that sells the pre made edible confetti for $60 for a 5 pound box, totally just going to do that lol
I actually have a can of metallic gold spray paint left from a craft project I did recently
Great idea! Regular paint won't affect the fondant in any way?
Thankyou to each and everyone of you who took the time to reply! I'm glad it is as simple (although time consuming) as I'd thought but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything! Thankyou for the tops of using the highlighter and the holes punch too! I certainly will !! Thank you all again!
This is actually for my own wedding cake not a customer and this technique will only e done on dummy tiers so I won't have to worry about anyone trying to eat it unless someone gets super drunk at the reception lol lol lol
I should add my wedding is still a year away and all but one if the cake tiers will be dummies so I have plenty of time up my sleeve to get this done
This is what I'm planning on doing I never said it would be a quick process Oh and it's called an airbrush gun
Thanks I have searched this exact phrase but most of what I found was tutorials for gelatin sequins which doesn't really give the look I'm after I thought I'd be best to come on here and ask some of the talented members as I know someone on here will have tried this technique
ACTUALLY I DID google it and couldn't find what I was looking for hence why I came here, I'm making a huge 7 tier cake from 4" to 16" tiers and 3 of those tiers will be covered in these sequins if I was to just hop on eBay and buy those tiny vials of pre made sequins you linked to I would have to buy hundreds of vials and the cost would be astronomical, so no what you posted didn't help, Google is a great tool but it can't always answer every questionseems to me like you...
It never ceases to amaze me how many unnecessarily *****y people there are on this siteSerious attitude problem, don't bother replying if it's just to be nasty
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