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Just kneed it. You can mix it in a greased bowl with a well greased wooden spoon. You don't add all of the powdered sugar though, maybe all but 2 cups, then knead it on a powdered sugar covered surface and that is when you add the remaining sugar. Or, you could put a lot of powdered sugar on your counter and dump the wet ingredients on top, grease your hands and mix/knead adding the remaining sugar. That's how I do mine.
I've never used that fondant recipe, but I always make my fondant by hand. I've never used my stand mixer and it comes out great. Don't use a hand mixer, I don't see that ending well. Good luck!
I don't know if this would work, but maybe try putting a little batter in the bottom of the liner, then in the center of that put your ganache, then top it off with more cupcake batter?
I'm definitely not an expert at all things cake decorating, but I recently made a jack-o-lantern cake using 2 bundt cakes. After I covered the cake in fondant (and before I made a ridges) it looked like a big ball. It wasn't a perfect round shape, but if you plan to add decorations to the tops of each layer like your picture it would hide that. I had to drive the cake 2 hours to a family birthday party so I bought the thickest dowel rod I could find, which was still too...
My CC account is new, but I've looked around and searched this site for years. I really liked the old way, but I also like a lot about what they have changed. Reading this it seems maybe it could have been explained better on how to use the site. I know they posted that changes were coming, and after they were made there was a temporary link explaining some new features, but I didn't really have time to look at it. I actually got kinda bored with it for some reason. I have...
I always have my husband trim a larger board down while I'm working on something else for my cakes.
That's such a great idea! Thanks for sharing.
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