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Erin from Three Little Blackbirds has a FREE Craftsy class on mixing colors.
There's a couple good classes on that by collette Peters on Craftsy.
There's a piping class on Craftsy that goes well into piping and buttercream by Winbeckler.
Try Kara Buntin YouTube channel. She has a vid on that.
The one I always go back to is on Three Little Blackbirds blog. It's delicious. The pĂ´tato starch really makes a difference.
Snarky! When I read your name I thought "Dynees Pink Champagne Strawberry Cake...." Agree with Snarky and CostumeCzar. Check out her book, it's a great dose of reality. Great read.
Try Little Black Birds GF choc cake recipe from scratch. She's awesome.
"My opinion probably isn't going to be very popular, but it is what is. I don't see the point in offering anything less than about a hundred bucks. Really well crafted cake should be a luxury. Otherwise, what's the attraction?" Golden AZCouture! Greetings from the Imperial Valley.
How much is 1/6 tsp? I don't have that one. Thanks!
Wow! Thanks for keeping us posted and your love for experimenting!
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