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I need to bake a 16" tier for a wedding cake.  I'm trying to determine the best way to do this with out the cake breaking when I torte and fill the cake.  Any suggestions?  Is it easier to bake 4 1" tiers, freeze them and then stack?  I'm scared to death if I bake a 2" that when I torte it and move the layers that they will break.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you for your response.  That helps alot.  I think I'll try cherries as that's a better flavor than beets.
Does anyone know some good items to use in frosting for coloring that is all natural.  I have to make a cake but the client is allergic to food coloring and she wants pink, yellow, blue and green.
Thanks.  I really like the idea of stacking it around 3:00 - 4:00 - that might work.  Thanks for that info I never really gave that a thought.  The wedding isn't until August so I have lots of time but I like to get things figured out so I can try and be ahead of the game.  Lots of flowers to make in the meantime.  
Thanks for the info.  I like your idea.  I'm using Styrofoam separators in between each tier.  The styrofoam will serve two purposes, strength and stability for the cake plus I can secure the flowers in the styrofoam.  
I know I can do this. I've done it before as a MOB twice, just not a topsy turvy.  
Yes it probably would sit that long as i am the MOB so I would have to deliver the cake early.  I'm thinking around noon as the reception starts at 5:00.   
I want to do something like this in buttercream.  WASC with buttercream filling.  Gumpaste flowers  
I want to make a seperated topsy turvy cake and need some help figuring the stability of the cake.  I know most topsy turvy cakes are covered in fondant can you make on in buttercream and will it stay?  How long can you leave this displayed before gravity takes over?  I'm thinking of using this for a wedding cake and it would probably be on display for at least 8 hours before it is served.  Any help or pointers would be appreciated.  Thanks,
I actually made my own lace mat using a vinyl tabecloth and silicone mold.  Worked like a charm!  
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