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look at this thread
great tip!!!!
the only help that I get from my family is testing, LOL!   We can apply some of those ideas daily   
creo qe se puede hacer inmediatamente despues de cubrir el pastel
Those 3 links that I posted are not mine, those are just sugestions that maybe can help you, I´m just googoling to find something that can help you, here´s a jordan´s template , they do it on cardboard, but maybe  can helps
wow!!! thank you, thank you!!!!
yo can print one of those logos  and use it like a stencil , I guess
or popcorn cupcakes ! here´s a tutorial 
here´s the link of SarahJane´s pictures   hope that´s help you      just i went to her profile and go thrue the all photos option
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