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These were the original blotchy shoes And the too-dark version!
Thank you, cakefat, for telling me how to do that!!  It seemed weird that it wasn't showing up right in the feed!
I wanted to post a picture of the finished cake, since so many of you gave me such great advice.  I ended up using the vodka to remove the pearl dust I had dry dusted on.  I mixed up a paint of vodka and pearl dust and painted it on, and it turned out smooth and even, but too dark!  So, the perfectionist in me was not happy and used plain vodka to wipe them clean again.  I made a more diluted paint to try to achieve a lighter pink, but I could absolutely not get it to go...
Thanks for all the great suggestions and for saying they're cute despite the uneven color!  Since they're not how I envisioned them, the blotchy spots are bothering me.  But I'm nervous to try to fix them for fear of making it worse.  I did dry dust them... didn't use Crisco- I used corn starch to keep it from sticking when I rolled them. I tried to put more where it was lighter, but no more sticks.  I did use water to attach the bow and the think roll around the...
Thank you for your ideas.  BCT, do you think if I did the vodka/ pearl dust now it would create an even bigger mess, or might it cover the unevenness?  I was happy with the slippers until I ruined them with the pearl dust :(
I made these ballet slippers out of gum paste.  They dried completely- about 4 days- and today I brushed Wilton's pink pearl dust over them.  It did not go on consistently- some spots are darker and others are lighter, even though I tried to go over the lighter spots several times.  This gives them a real blotchy look.  I'm regretting attempting the pearl dust.  Is there any way to correct this without starting over?  Is there a way to get a more consistent look or to...
Thank you!  That template is awesome!  I'm a complete novice, so I think I'm biting off more than I can chew... we shall see!
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