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It does help, thank you! I gave her a quote and she said it was out of her price range. Oh well.    It would have been my first wedding and I was really excited about it. But this info has still been VERY helpful, I appreciate all the feedback!
I'm just seeing this today. Do I still need to email? Will it even help?
Hi there!   So a potential client is wanting an actual cake (SQUARE) with three tiers. A 12", 10" and 6". THEN she wants cupcakes as well. She is expecting 300 guests. WHO KNOWS if 300 will actually attend.    She thinks this cake "will roughly feed 180 guests". I don't know how she gets this number.     Anyways...Two questions - 1) Based on what she wants, how many cupcakes should I make?   2) As a general rule for weddings, how many cupcakes per...
I don't *need* gum paste. I have used gum paste in the past for a round disc cupcake topper. I used it because it dried quickly and held up beautifully. I have no preference between the two.    I asked about flavor just in case someone decides to eat it. IF I use fondant, I will add the Tylose so it will speed drying time. My question was simply this - would fondant+tylose taste better? Thanks again everyone for all your responses!
Thank you all so much! Personally, I wouldn't eat it but you never know with some people so I want to do the best I can as far as taste goes. Thank you again for all the input!! And yeah, feet would taste better any day of the week! That made me laugh!
I was just using Wilton brand. It was my first time using it. I live in a small town and Wilton was easily accessible. :-/
You can definitely use store bought fondant. There are several brands, Wilton, fondex, etc. I like to make marshmallow fondant aka MMF and use Store bought for accents (such as zebra stripes)in very dark colors so I don't have to mix. FYI Wilton black fondant does NOT have a nasty food color taste like you would expect it to. Icing- I would recommend making it. After you cake has baked, cooled and out of the pan you spread a thin layer of buttercream to crumb coat. Let it...
I need to make cupcake toppers. I have use Gumpaste in the past. It was a success but not much flavor, although it tastes far better once dried! I love using marshmallow fondant. I wondered about mixing tylose in (I've heard it speeds the drying time) would it result in a better taste then simple Gumpaste?
This sounds great. I would love to see pics! Cookies are my fave (to eat), not really cake. Lol!
They will be revealing their *one* baby's gender. I'm making a 6" single tier decorated pink and will display it next to a 6" single tier decorated blue. Then they will simply cut into the pink if it's a girl. Hope that makes sense! I'm making both cuz I will find out along with all the other guests,...I won't know in advance. Then the cupcakes are for fun. Thanks for your input!
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