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Thank you! I will try that. I appreciate your response.
Hi all! Maybe this has been posted before, but i'm the type of baker who likes to substitute fat in baking for plain yogurt or applesauce, and I always use whole wheat or buckwheat/oat flour, and typically I will use stevia, or sometimes honey or maple to sweeten. Now I know as well as the next person, a good moist dessert cake or cookie is just so much better without substitutions.Now my question is: Are there any healthier options for a decorators icing? I mean, I just...
Thank you all who responded! I will try out some new pans Can't wait
Hello, I am new to cake decorating and new to this website/forums. I am learning basic cake decorating but quickly learning the skills. My question for you guys is this: In your opinion, what are some brands, or types of pans you find bake the best cakes for your creations? I know this can be loaded because you can use bundt, square, round, sheet...etc. I have two 9in round pans, one that was from the grocery store and is a dark non-stick and one that I found at good will...
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