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Working on one of those cakes that seem to go on and on and on. Don't get me wrong, it's a super cute cake but I feel like I've been working on it forever, I'm ready to see it together. I know I can't be the only one who has had a cake liked this. How did you like your end result? Did it live up to your expectations ? Just having some fun....
Good gracious , he is so cute! You've probably already thought of a tiny mold but that was a thought. Or somehow use sugar veil?
I haven't seem the movie yet but my kids instantly fell in love with the snow man. What about incorporating him as the minis? Maybe part being his body and another his head (didn't I see a preview of him holding his head something like that.....sounds so Or a build your own "snowman name" with the pieces being the mini dessert options. Just some thoughts......but you'll do great!
If I were disney, I'd hire you just off the descriptions and the amount of thought you've already put in! Sounds like you've got this nailed! Can't wait to hear how it goes!
I would mae two batches of frosting; one with and one without the amaretto and taste them to see what you think.  Personally I think it would be delicious with, souds yummy!   You could also try making a type of simple syrup to brush on the cakes if you are looking for a stonger flavor.
What about cutting out a round of fondant and then using some royal icing in the same color to pipe the lines/pattern for the top of the manhole cover.
I pack it in dry ice, and secure the board to the box with a piece of duct tape underneath.  Lots and lots of peanuts and notices on the box....."This Side Up" etc....  There was actually a really great tutorial I found on here a while back, I don't remember who posted it though, sorry.   Thanks for the input everyone!!
I am in Texas and its going to Mom in Connecticut!  There's a photo of two mini flower pot cakes in my photos that I shipped to her on Mothers Day and they made it in remarkably good shape, I was shocked!   :)
This is the piece of fondant I was playing with the other day in an attempt to make it look like steak!  I'm pretty happy with it, now I just need the rest of it to turn out as good!
Hey All!   So I am making a steak dinner cake for my Mom next month and I think I totally got the texture down for the steak, which I am very excited about!!   But I am stuck on the baked potato.  I'm pretty sure that I am going to make it out of RKT and then cover it in fondant but what about the sour cream?  I thought about marshmallow fluff or thinner buttercream but I need it to be pretty sturdy.   I'm thinking colored piping gel and a pad of pale yellow fondant...
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