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God bless you K8 and Delicious for taking out time to answer the poster's questions. As Delicious said, I hope your friend is well aware of your level of cake baking and decoration. I agree that chocolate mousse might not hold up well. Like K8 said, you can add chocolate to the fondant, use modelling chocolate, or google Nicholas Lodge's gumpaste. If you go with gumpaste, you can steam the flower on the day of the wedding to freshen it up. You don't really have a lot of...
Another vote for pearl dust. I use it on all colours of fondant.
The ruffles WILL dry out because you have to roll the fondant thin enough to ruffle in the first place. I don't think there's much you can do about that, save adding the ruffles the same day the cake will be eaten(I don't think so!). Someone with more experience might come along and teach us a way to keep them soft, though.
Thanks, I'll do just that. About heat here, hmmmm, I've been to Australia and it makes me smile when I see Australianss on CC talk about heat. On a cool day, the weather here is about 39 degrees celcius (102 Fahrenheit?) and the humidity is off the chart! Thanks again for your help. I'm very grateful. Chidinma
Marianna, LOL! I was typing the explanation and asking myself 'does anyone even care?' Wow, cake by the kilo? Hmmmmm I'm definitely using bowls to bake this cake, i can only hope i do the design (and the designer) justice. My flowers are smaller than these though, so i'm at work making a whole bunch of flowers. Plus i have to travel with the cake (i'm thinking ganached and frozen) 1 day before to get there. Pray for me!
I apologise for the late response. @ Amanda, thank you for answering that. I had been rolling it around in my head. Nice to know the grooves don't show after ganache. @ baking Irene, you are one of my cc heroes. I've picked up sooooooo many tips from your answers to others. Im really grateful that you took the time to reply. You saved me further, i was asking myself how and where i would get a 14inch bundt pan. I live in Nigeria, and everyone has her/his own system of...
Hi everyone, I would love to ask a question. I know it might sound foolish, but please let me down easy. My SIL wants me to make her wedding cake. Herein lies the problem: the cake she chose requires carving; I can't carve a cake if my life depended on it. Now the stupid question is, can I use bundt pans instead? As in for each tier, bake 2 bundt cakes and one 2 inch cake (2 inch cake to be sandwiched between the bundt cakes) and then cover the whole thing in ganache to...
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