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Macsmom can u plz post recipe for white choclate raspberry cake?
Hi again Macsmom.... I want to make a pillow cake n wondering if this came is going to hold up? Plus do u have some tips on making a pillow cake.? This will be my first one thnku
Thnku.. I was away for a while... Hmm actually I wanna bake cupcakes for a community bake sale... So wanted to make cakes which are not very high price... I wanna make choclate n not decided with other flavor.. Macsmom.. Can u plz tell me one recipe like I box recipe makes how many cupcakes? At temp do u vake n for how long? How much should I price each cupcake,, I know I m asking off topic question but since u r the only one who is always there to help... Tht y I m asking...
Hey .. Macsmom... Have u ever tried making cupcake out of these reccipe... I wanna make some cupcakes... Do u have another recipe?
Macsmom thnxxxxxx alotttt I made orange dreamsicle n it was soooodelishhheverybody loved itttt thnku:) I felt cake was a lil dry but still tooo Gud thnku:)
I wanna bake a wasc... If the recipe says u can make two 9" pans.. Can just make it in one pan which is deep? Is it ok?
Macsmom.. I can't bc orange mix . Though I found dh orange supreme .. So as I ve read there is a problem f cake sinking in middle coz of dh... So I didn't bought it.. What do u suggest... If I buy it then can I use half orange dh n half white bc?. I will doing 1/4. Recipe.. Is it going to fill 2 6 in pans?
Shy thanx a lot macs mom..u r gr8
hi macsmom than alot for reply..     ok so u mean to use all orange cake mix n no white cake mix? if i find only white cake will it work? and sorry i cant use alcohol flavoured drink.. can i use something else? like diet sunkist?   ok ill try to use italian butter cream... but its a lil sifficult to malke.. will white choclate ganache will work with this cake?   ok yes cream cheese will b gud.. in this thread there was a recipe mentioned i think it...
Thanku macs mom... I ve more questions
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