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Thanks for that!
That carrot cake sounds great...Are you willing to share???
Today I was pushed out of my comfort zone, when a customer asked me about doing a fruitcake in one of the tiers of a 3 tiered cake.   I haven't made a fruit cake in years and don't want to waste a heap of money of trialing too many recipes. So far I've noticed that the Delia Smith fruit cake and MIch Turner recipe are both pretty popular. Has anyone tried and loved the Delia Smith fruit cake or can give me a recipe that gets huge raves??!!   Also I would like to make...
So am I. I'd pay for that. Especially if it had gram weights as well.
Sounds great! Do you share??
Chuck it in the fridge for a few minutes until it thickens. You can add icing sugar if you want it sweeter.
Over the last couple of years I've been building up my collection of charts that will help me when caking. So far I have; All the Wilton charts How much fondant to cover a cake board (from cakesbakesand Conversion of U.S to Aus  with ingredients (from a chart here on c.c). I've used the Ganacherator (which was working until recently).   I'd like to know which Fondant chart (quantity needed to cover a cake) is the best as there are so many out there....
Wrap the smb well when you freeze it or it can get freeza taste.
Sounds interesting
AnniCahill is the 'Warren Brown Yellow cake' still your 'go to'?...I'm still messing around with variations. .As we can't get half and half in Australia I've tried half cream and half milk but think less cream (and more milk) might be the way to go
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