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Thank you so much Nerdy baker. You were a great help! Yes, it is a crap photo but all I've got unfortunately. You might br right that the thinner ribbon is threaded through the lacy ribbon. So you don't think there is any piping on any of this ribbon. I guess my goal is to get as close to the original as I can. The mother knows nothing as it's a surprise.
That's how a lot of us would calculate the costs. Others would say; don't forget extras like costs of running your oven, water, paper towel, dish detergent, etc. It might seem like a lot of money but it's a 3 tiered cake. Some here would charge a lot more.
I also meant to say that your cake is gorgeous!!!! Sorry. I suppose I thought that it went without saying!! .
I'm confused too!
I feel really really bad that this has happened to you and I hope that some of the experts here can help you. It sounds to me that she suddenly panicked and realised that she couldn't afford the cake and made (or got her Auntie to make) and cake that she could afford. Just a tip, I never send a photo of the cake to the customer beforehand, Especially on FB. I let them come and pick it up, because their reaction is what I want to see. And I wouldn't have rushed to give her...
          I've been asked to recreate this white wedding cake for a "Surprise" 50th Wedding Anniversary. I apologize for the quality. The last week I've been muddling over how to do this cake and have everything worked out (i.e how to do and long would it take) before I give a quote, so far I've figured out;   1. The corners are lace extension work, with pre-made lace 'thingies'. Do you think it would be best to do the shell border on the bottom first and then do a...
Just add a little hazelnut flavouring to your Nutella buttercream.
I use sweetapolita's recipe and have no problems. The first time I made SMB it didn't work for me.  I don't use a thermometer either, Double check that your sugar is dissolved, if in doubt whisk a little longer and make sure there's not a built up on sugar around the sides of your bowl.  For me, I find when it's ready the whites start to look more runny and a little frothy. But that's just me. It seems like you're doing everything else right, if your sugar and whites are...
Thanks for your help everyone!
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