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Are you from the u.s. A standard cake might be a 9" there.
Ask how many ppl they want it for. Wilton has a chart on how many serves you'll get out of each cake. If your cakes are 4 inches high then they will be quite adequate. Here a regular sized cake is 8".
This has been discussed thousands of times!!! do a search here on it and everyone is going to tell you to do your homework and look into your costs and labour...the rest of us have had to learn to do this. Every cake is different, are is the costs and work that's gone into each one. We can't just chuck out a blanket figure and expect it to apply for all cakes.
Good luck. I suggest you do your research on this one
Thank you for the info.
How deep are these fruit cakes when baked using her scaling recipe and if they're noy exactly to hight can you trim before covering or would they dry out?
Thankyou auzzi. So you beleive it's all piping around the satin ribbon? And no ribbon insertion and wider ribbon underneath? Apparently this cake took months to decorate and it won prizes in some big show.
Thankyou everybody. I was wondering if it was ribbon inserted into lace and not the cake? Or still inserted into the cake but using the special lace or ribbon that has the slots already for ribbon insertion.
Thankyou very much
You have a very clever and thoughtful way of putting things across. Thankyou.
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