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Let us know how you go, I'll be trying this recipe soon and could do with another opinion. Also I was worried about the amount of currants in the recipe would be to much!!
How do you make vbp and how long do you need to let it sit before you can use it?
With your SMB make sure your whites are ultra stiff and cool to touch before adding your butter and the butter needs to be soft. It will probably curdle at this stage but keep beating on low and it will come together. If it was watery I would say your white's weren't cool enough. I use sweetapolita's recipe its slightly sweeter than others.
If only they could make it for Android I'd buy it. It sounds great!
I made this yesterday and dare I say I think I like it better than smb that I make all the time. I'm wondering what it's like to ice and smooth cake compared to smb and how it holds up with flavouring added to it, I.e chocolate, caramel or berries. Also with the flour added to it would it be suitable to freeze? I added vbp to this and used it to fill a 12" square cake. Delish!! I admit I did add a little extra sugar to it though.
Is this App only for iphone?
I wonder if this is tastier than the cornflour version. I found that one had a strong cornflour aftertaste and wasn't very heat tolerant.
Hi Jen, reg. the white chocolate custard, are you talking about from Rose's Heavenly cakes? I found a white chocolate custard in that book but it contains butter, white chocolate and yolks. I made this recipe and it was yummy, I was wondering if it would be okay in SMB, but it's probably the wrong recipe. lol
I'm wondering if the weights given are for round cakes. I'm baking her French vanilla today in a 12" square, I'm hoping the weights Jen gave will be enough to produce a baked 2" high cake.
Pretty good!! I made the all yolk with vanilla last week, filled with RLB passionfruit curd and SMB. My husband took 1/2 into work and my MIL took the other half to her cards group. They all loved them. The cupcakes don't get a high dome but they're pretty good. Also I get much better results with this recipe in my new William Sonoma cupcake pans than the crappy patty pans I used to have.
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