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I'm wondering if the weights given are for round cakes. I'm baking her French vanilla today in a 12" square, I'm hoping the weights Jen gave will be enough to produce a baked 2" high cake.
Pretty good!! I made the all yolk with vanilla last week, filled with RLB passionfruit curd and SMB. My husband took 1/2 into work and my MIL took the other half to her cards group. They all loved them. The cupcakes don't get a high dome but they're pretty good. Also I get much better results with this recipe in my new William Sonoma cupcake pans than the crappy patty pans I used to have.
Hold onto them. They may taste better tomorrow.
Enga's if it's not inappropriate. Sorry I did quote her but it didn't work.
I wouldn't even fit a 16" in my oven!
Read this.......This question is asked all the time!!
I've been researching this topic the last couple of months as I'm looking for stable fillings that can withstand a few days at room temperature. There are a lot of recipes on the net for white chocolate fruit flavoured ganache fillings, especially macaroon fillings! I winged it the other week and made a passionfruit ganache. I used the 1:3 ratio and I used 2 tb. of passionfruit as part of the liquid ratio and made the rest up with cream. Another yummy one is coconut...
What was the cream cheese recipe and how long was it sitting out for?
And to start with I thought they were a bit thick....I was trying to be polite!! Lol
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