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You might be over filling the cupcake pans. Mine do this if I overfill (different recipe though).
Giving this another bump before I go to bed
Hi, I've had success freezing a fondant covered cake before. I froze it in a box (covered in cling wrap), I then thawed it in the fridge for a day, then put it on the bench for a day before taking the soggy cling wrap off. However do you think a ruffle cake would freeze well? If so, what would the best medium be for the ruffles, gum paste, 50/50 gumpaste/fondant , modeling chocolate or fondant and tylose? I am planning to do a 2 tiered cake. The top tier will be the Elsa...
Here's a cake I did last weekend using this Buttercream.
I've converted to this recipe recently. I love it, especially with vbp as a filling. I haven't tried any variations yet!
So far I've made the all-white, all yolk, 3 whole eggs, cupcakes, coconut and french vanilla. The more I make this recipe the better I get at it. I've learnt that it's easy to undercook. The toothepick can come out clean, but if it's still looking sticky on top it needs longer. Also don't be lazy and use cold ingredients. I did this last time because I was in a hurry. I had to beat my batter longer to get the ingredients to combine properly, resulting in cupcakes with...
I make a coconut filling that tastes similar to a bounty bar. It had coconut cream, white chocolate and coconut. It's pretty yummy.
I went to a cake workshop a couple of weeks ago. I was told that if you add about 1/4ts. of glucose to a batch of royal icing it will make it less likely to break. I haven't tried it yet. But I do know there are some vids on you tube that tell you how to get the consistency of ri right.
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