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Thanks for that. I'm going to try it!
I use this icing too.I switched from SMB to this and love it! How much Meringue powder do you use and how do you add it? And is the icing sugar added as well as the other sugar and what does the Meringue powder do for the recipe? Sorry for all the questions!
Hannahscakes I'm feeling the same as you, I told my husband the passion isn't there for me anymore! I know what you mean about cringing when getting a cake request. I'd rather spend time with my 2, 5 and 8 year old, in the garden and concentrate on my part time job. We have had the worst couple of years, my husband has been suffering from severe depression and last year we nearly lost him. He's doing better but it has made me rethink my priorities.Sorry if I've taken...
I love the strips and in the instructions it says to place the strips on the bottom. But when you're using 3" high tins and the cake bakes to 2" would it be better to place them up higher on the pan? I wish the strips came wider!
I'm not seeing the link. I would love to see it.
I converted the oz to grams using an online converter and I mentioned the flour I just use the anchor pastry and cake flour. U.S sour cream is lower in fat than the aus. Brands so use light sour cream, everything else is similar I've found so far. This is french vanilla with all yolks and a heap of vbp and Rose Levy Beranbaum passionfruit curd
I've been trying out some of her variations. Our favourite (and my husbands work) is the homemade custard one in place of the sour cream and 3 eggs and plenty of vbp. It's delicious!! The only thing is (and I beleive this is because in Australia our cake flour is unbleached) I have to make 1 1/2 times the batter to get close to 2 inch high cakes ( in 8 inch round pans). Still scrumptious though!!
The Rose Levy Beranbaum recipe is great! If you follow the instructions you won't fail. Her Passionfruit one is scrumptious as well! My husband loves it as a cake/cupcake filling and he's not much of a cake person!
Thankyou for that. I'd been thinking of sticking some ruffles in the freezer, but I didn't think of using a cake dummy. Great idea!
You might be over filling the cupcake pans. Mine do this if I overfill (different recipe though).
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