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How did it turn out?  
Good for you for taking care of yourself financially and for being a good person! Just because some people don't appreciate you doesn't mean you should stop being sweet. Thanks for being such a good example!
I would also recommend coming up with a minimum order to protect your time. No $20 orders, that's not worth your weekend.
Could you still use the tub but leave it empty and just do lots of bubbles coming out and decorate the rest of the cake with bling, maybe a fondant bow around the bottom of the cake layer?
Yeah, the pictures were clickable links and loaded just fine.   Yes, I would definitely do the stripes first and then the swag over top. I would measure your swag distance around the tier and make a pattern so when you cut the scallop on the strips it is all uniform. After you apply the stripes, it will be easy to just lay the swag along the premeasure scalloped edge.
Do you have a photo of what you are trying to accomplish. That would help!  
Tux themes are super classy. I love the bowties around the middle of the layers like this.   And a top hat as the top layer would be so cool.   For peppermint themes, I love the fondant ropes that are layered around the top tier of this cake, I would use this somewhere in the cake. You...
I txt cake clients a lot setting up meetings for sketches, deposits, and pickup time and locations. If a cake client is a friend or someone that I really liked when I met them I will sometimes txt them a picture mid-cake baking.   It is never the whole cake, just a figurine, or a flower, or something like that. I always preface it with, "Here's a sneak peak of the cake!" or "Here's a little preview!".  I've never had a request for a photo, but everyone I've ever sent...
I never offer the top layer for free. But I definitely ask when we are discussing serving sizes and how many servings will be needed for the wedding. I usually just say something like, "So will you be serving the top tier or saving it?". Super easy, and then based on their answer I either include or exclude the number of servings from the top tier in the total number of servings. If they want to save it I just bring a box for the top tier when I set up the cake at the...
I also get small orders sometimes and had to institute a minimum order. Mine is $50. So if they want a six inch it's $50. If they want to add cupcakes, or custom decorations or figures to meet or exceed the $50 minimum then that is great. I find I stress out less and don't have to decide if it's worth my time that way.
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