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I am new to the Atlanta area and I am looking for a local Marietta shop where I can find boxes, boards, and any type of cake supplies. I can do Michael's or Hobby Lobby, but I would rather use a local place. Anyone know of a good shop in the area?
Yes, that sounds about right, especially if you have flowers or any decorations that might need room on the bottom tier. Definitely what ellavanilla said, super heavey so make sure you assemble on site.
Such a smart idea!!!
Melanie1221, could you post a link to your blog? My sister wants this cake for her wedding!
You need to add tylose powder or use gumpaste for these roses
 Agreed. Because she says she will drop it off and then forgets and you have to call her and then she says she will leave it for you at the reception when you deliver the cake and then you get there and no one knows where it is and you can't reach her on her phone....I don't mess with it anymore. I do it, or no one does.
You should try sweet_cakes! I had a lot of fun and they were a little time consuming but not really that hard. Thanks again for all the help!
Ok, so my mom's birthday was this weekend. I had to do a little rescue because the cake slid on the way to the party but I was pleased with my first sugar flowers! Here's a close up of the flowers
You could always meet them somewhere central.
You can do an owl theme and say, "Guess whoo? Pink or blue?"
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