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SORRY!!!! My PC went crazy posting it sooo many times
How much would a cake like this one with a 12" on the bottom and an 8 " on top covered in fondant would be a fair price? Any suggestions are welcomed
Thank you soooo much susieindy & debidehm for you replies. I feel a lot less stressed now.
I was asked to bake a couple cakes for this weekend, my question is this, both cakes are for saturday but im afraid im going to be rushing if i try to finish them both that day. How long does a decorated cake last before it starts getting bad?? Would it be ok to finish one cake the day before for next day delivery?? How far in advance can i bake the cake??
My friend wants me to make a cake for her daughters birthday and she insists ahe wants tobpay me full price for the cake. Whatsa reasonable price for a 2 tier fondant birthday cake, nothing too elaborate, for 40 ppl?? All suggestions are welcome
Thanks so much for your help!!!
Hello everyone,I am new to this forum and i am glad i found it, it is extremely helpful. I have a question. I was asked to make a 2 tier cake for 40 ppl, what pan sizes should i use to have more than enough cake for 40 ppl?? Thanks in advance for your replies
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